Water’s Role in Real Estate & the Economy

We sat down with Randall Lewis of the Lewis Group of Companies, which is one of the nation’s largest real estate development companies, to talk about the role that water plays in the building industry. Since 1955, the Lewis Group has built over 56,000 homes and currently owns 8,000 apartment homes and 30 shopping centers. … More Water’s Role in Real Estate & the Economy

Drought Busting Edible Garden

Real California Cuisine – with California Natives Plants Have you ever wondered what our native plants taste like? You can find out by attending a Native Edibles workshop and tasting at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden and by planting some beautiful edible natives in your own yard! One of the best ways to save … More Drought Busting Edible Garden

Winter Fun at Big Bear

If you’re looking for a twist on a 5k or 10k event, or simply want and chance to explore mountain trails in the wintertime, Snowshoe the Bear might just be for you. Every February, Southern California’s snowshoe event draws people out into mountain trails above Big Bear Lake. First timers shouldn’t be intimidated – the … More Winter Fun at Big Bear

Snow Day, Cali-Style

There are so many cool things to do with your kids in the Santa Ana Watershed, which extends from Big Bear to Newport Beach, coving much of the Inland Empire and Orange County. One thing that these two regions share is a water supply – if you live in the IE or the OC, most … More Snow Day, Cali-Style

Protecting the Treasure Beneath Our Feet

An Interview with OCWD’s Jason Dadakis Imagine waking up one morning, stumbling into the bathroom half asleep, turning on the tap to brush your teeth, and out comes seawater. Proximity to the Pacific is one of the perks of living in Orange County, but barring some bizarre decorating craze of the future, no one wants … More Protecting the Treasure Beneath Our Feet

Explore Big Bear’s North Shore

Do you want to introduce your kids to nature? We live in one of the most populated regions in the United States, so sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all and experience the mountains, or “Southern California’s backyard.” For a day trip to a quieter place where you can be immersed in the … More Explore Big Bear’s North Shore

Base Chrom-6 Limit on the Best Available Science

Hexavalent chromium, better known as chrom-6, became infamous as a cancer-causing chemical in the movie Erin Brokovich. The movie followed the true story of the residents of Hinkley, California, who became ill with many different types of cancers after the town’s water supply became contaminated with chrom-6. The contamination came from a Pacific Gas & … More Base Chrom-6 Limit on the Best Available Science

A Remote Control for Your Sprinklers

Did you know that between 50% and 70% of the water you use may be going to water your lawn? And that, additionally, you may be over-watering your lawn? According to the EPA, most people overwater their lawn – which causes it to be unhealthy in addition to wasting water. The number-one reason people overwater … More A Remote Control for Your Sprinklers

Surf’s Up in Surf City!

Huntington Beach is the place where the Santa Ana River makes waves – quite literally. Part of what makes Surf City such an excellent place to catch a wave is a sandbar created by sediment flowing from the Santa Ana. People have gathered here to surf and enjoy the SoCal lifestyle for decades, and Huntington … More Surf’s Up in Surf City!