Your SoCal Tap Water


The Other California Innovation That Went Global When most people think about technology being exported from California, we think about Silicon Valley – Google, Apple, and Facebook. But it’s a rather non-descript group of buildings in Orange County that are attracting world attention. A steady stream of scientists, engineers, and politicians from drought-stricken places like Australia and Israel visit regularly to learn what is going on within these concrete walls. What attracts… Read More

An Interview with OCWD’s Jason Dadakis Imagine waking up one morning, stumbling into the bathroom half asleep, turning on the tap to brush your teeth, and out comes seawater. Proximity to the Pacific is one of the perks of living in Orange County, but barring some bizarre decorating craze of the future, no one wants ocean water pumped into their bathroom. How might that happen? Underneath the northern two thirds of Orange… Read More