Tap into your health: tap water for the win

It’s no secret that water is essential to our existence and critical for the human body. Hydration allows the body to perform properly. An important part of water consumption is where it comes from and the sustainability of how it’s packaged. Let’s explore the advantages of using tap water in a refillable container when compared to purchasing bottled water. There are many perks of tap water, and here is a short list of some of the best reasons to rely on tap water, instead of disposable bottled water.

  1. Your improved health from tap water: Tap water is regulated by the EPA to ensure its safety. Whereas, despite its regulation by the FDA, there are ongoing concerns about the amount of BPA present in plastic bottled water. BPA, known as bisphenol A, is a chemical found in the production of plastics which can produce certain health effects such as infertility, obesity, heart disease and more when exposed to high levels of BPA. Research continues regarding the harmful effects of the consumption of BPA, but by drinking tap water over bottled water, you can reduce your exposure to BPA.  
  2. Money saver: Tap water is cheaper than bottled water, and it’s readily available in your home and mostly everywhere else you travel throughout your day. The cost of bottled water can vary greatly depending on how many people are in a household and the number of bottles each drink throughout a single day. In a recent Tapp Water article, Magnus Jern highlights how brand name bottled water can range from $1.50 or more for a single bottle, while tap water in the U.S. costs approximately $0.002 per gallon which averages between $2-$20 dollars annually. It’s simple and easy to fill up your reusable water bottle throughout the day without having to worry about the price.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Consuming tap water significantly minimizes the amount of waste one produces, a benefit for the environment. While plastic water bottles are recyclable, those who do not dispose of them properly generate unnecessary waste. Since plastic water bottles are not biodegradable, when disposed of improperly they begin to slowly morph into microplastics. As a result, these microplastics end up in our landfills, which negatively impacts humans, animals and our Earth. Rather than purchasing a single-use plastic water bottle, fill your reusable containers with high-quality, well-tested water to minimize waste and spend less.

Whether drinking your water at home, at a restaurant, or filling up a reusable water bottle while on a stroll, tap water is always the way to go. 

Our region’s water experts are committed to delivering safe, reliable water to customers, so we can utilize our tap water as our source for every water need, most especially drinking. So, take advantage of your tap, and don’t bother with the bottle.

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