Lead Testing in Schools

The tap water at most California’s schools is considered safe while officials are working to ensure that older water systems are thoroughly tested. A grueling game of tether ball. A competitive kickball session. Or maybe just one of those typical hot California fall days. Whether they’re filling their reusable bottles or slurping it straight from … More Lead Testing in Schools

History of Drinking Water

Early settlements and towns were always built near a source of water. Without water humans cannot live. Accordingly, the California drought has brought on threats of limited water available to grow crops and meet the demands of our thirsty state. Contrary to history, which originally had water as the impetus in choosing a final location … More History of Drinking Water

Chloramine: Maintaining Water Quality in Southern California

Several recent news stories have been focused on the topic of water quality, relating to resources coming from public water supplies. Following the crisis in Flint, an uprising from communities, celebrities and even President Barack Obama to put a stop to the toxic water supplies reaching Americans in this small town has made headlines. Regardless … More Chloramine: Maintaining Water Quality in Southern California

Groundwater Simplified

Did you know that new water cannot be created? The water that we have on earth is the same water that existed billions of years ago. It goes through the water cycle and is naturally recycled over and over again. In this manner, water cycles through the Santa Ana River Watershed. The Watershed flows over … More Groundwater Simplified

Snow Day, Cali-Style

There are so many cool things to do with your kids in the Santa Ana Watershed, which extends from Big Bear to Newport Beach, coving much of the Inland Empire and Orange County. One thing that these two regions share is a water supply – if you live in the IE or the OC, most … More Snow Day, Cali-Style

What’s Downstream? You Are!

What do you think about this video? It’s all about the use and re-use of one of the oldest and most enduring substances on the planet – water. It may be a little long, but it’s definitely thought-provoking. This video was created by the folks at http://www.athirstyplanet.com/ and the WateReuse Association. Mind-Blowing Points: – We have always … More What’s Downstream? You Are!