What’s Downstream? You Are!

What do you think about this video? It’s all about the use and re-use of one of the oldest and most enduring substances on the planet – water. It may be a little long, but it’s definitely thought-provoking.

This video was created by the folks at http://www.athirstyplanet.com/ and the WateReuse Association.

Mind-Blowing Points:

– We have always had the same amount of water on the planet and it has been used time and again. That means that the water we drank this morning may have once flown through the sap of a maple tree or have been drunk by the builders of the pyramids.

– The water molecule itself cannot be polluted, it can only be mixed with pollution – that means that it is possible to get pollution like viruses and bacteria out. Modern technology like reverse osmosis is helping us start to get smaller and smaller things out of our water.

– Our bodies at 62% water, so even the molecules inside us have been around the world.

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