The water that flows from our faucets is clean, fresh and safe. From sourcing to treatment, our tap water is held to the highest standards – but unfortunately, some people still believe the misconception that bottled water is safer than tap water. 

This Halloween season, don’t listen to scare tactics about tap water! We’re taking this opportunity to “creep it real” and debunk a few myths you may have heard about bottled versus tap water.  

The tap water that flows through our pipes – originating in our Santa Ana Watershed – is liquid gold. It’s continually monitored and tested, meeting and exceeding some of the most rigorous standards in the nation. Let’s set the record straight on our water quality and safety. Once you have discovered the high quality water that flows straight from your tap, you’ll want to fill up your own reusable bottle at home and hit the trails for fall adventures.  

The truth is that bottled water is a big money-maker for those who sell it. Bottled-water companies need to convince customers to pay big bucks for a product that’s actually inferior to tap water. What’s more, bottled water is not held to the same high standards as our tap water. Now that’s scary!

Myth: “Bottled water is cleaner than tap water.” Wrong. Side-by-side comparisons of FDA standards for bottled water show that our tap water meets and exceeds those standards. In fact, most bottled water is sourced from public water supplies – meaning you’re paying a huge premium for regular tap water. Don’t buy it.

Myth: “Bottled water tastes better.” Yes, water from different areas can taste a little different depending on the natural, safe minerals and other variations in the water. But tests show that your tap water is of the highest quality – and since most bottled water originates as tap water, there’s no reason to assume it’s superior. For a fun family activity, challenge your family to a blind taste test. You may be surprised that you prefer the water straight from your tap. Try chilling it in the fridge, adding ice or a slice of lemon or lime. Add a sprig of rosemary, a slightly mashed strawberry or a melon slice for zest.   

Myth: “Bottled water is more convenient.” OK, we understand that it can be tempting to grab a plastic bottle of water when you’re in a rush. But what could be more convenient or economical than filling up a reusable bottle at any nearby sink or drinking fountain? Many public and private facilities have installed stations where you can easily fill up your bottle. Once you know the truth about tap water, you’ll realize that this is not only a safe option, it’s a convenient option. It’s also better for the environment – reducing the waste from single-use plastic bottles.

Myth: “Bottled water is a good value for my money.” Nope. There is no better value for your money than tap water. When you purchase water – whether in gallon jugs or slim serving-sized bottles – you’re paying for the cost of the packaging, transporting, and marketing of the product. That’s why a typical 16-ounce bottle of water can cost $1.25 at a convenience store. From the tap, that same amount of water costs pennies. The smarter choice for your wallet is to choose tap, every time.

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