Flow with your SoCal Tap Water into a season of gratitude

The importance of gratitude is as essential as, well … water! November marks a time of year when we traditionally pause to give thanks and reflect on what we cherish most. 2020 is redefining the word ‘essential’ and has sparked a months-long nationwide pause. Thankfully, the safe and reliable water we all depend on did not take a day off.  

It is easy to forget the madness of March when the nation went into a toilet paper shortage. How useless would all that hoarded toilet paper have been if we did not have water to flush our commodes?  

What about when bottled water was flying off the shelves faster than essential workers could restock it? Unlike the water bottled in single-use plastic, your trusted tap water was never out of stock. 

And now you’re washing your hands continuously, right? The water straight from your tap has helped protect you from germs more than ever before.  

We know that you have had so much more than water on your mind this year. But thankfully, tap water never had to be added to your list of concerns. Tap into your gratitude for H2O below and check out five reasons why we are thankful for water.  

Thank you, H2O! 

  1. Our water is such a multitasker: Personal hygiene, watering crops, marine activities, the beverages we enjoy, fighting fires, sanitizing surfaces, and the list goes on. Water is part of everything. In one way or another we are always using water – or products that were created using it. Our water does it all. 
  1. Our water feeds us: Farmers rely on and value water to produce the foods we eat every day. For example, 19 gallons of water are required to grow just one apple. Water is the key to the growth of the crops we eat to survive and stay healthy. 
  1. Our water is affordable: Tap water is incredibly inexpensive compared to single-use bottled water. Not to mention that most bottled water is sourced from public water supplies – meaning you’re paying a huge premium for the same tap water that comes straight from your sink for much less. Don’t buy it and trust in tap!  
  1. Our water is clean: Water quality and safety are top priorities. We continually monitor and test the water you depend on. Our practices ensure that our water meets and exceeds some of the most rigorous standards in the nation. 
  1. Our water works overtime: Think about it – our tap water never takes a day off. The water we need and love is always available to quench our thirst, grow our food and keep us clean. Now that’s something to be thankful for!