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Southern California is home to some of the world’s most beautiful plant varieties. Just take a walk down your neighborhood street to explore an eye-candy feast of enchanting flowers, succulents, shrubs and fruit trees. The diverse SoCal ecosystem supplies no shortage of lush landscape options to imagine in your own backyard. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, outdoor water use accounts for an average of 30% of total household water use in the U.S., but that percentage can rise to as high as 60% in arid regions like Southern California.  

Consider this: When the average-sized lawn is watered for 20 minutes every day for one week, that’s the equivalent of running the shower constantly for four days. It’s enough water for the average family to take a year’s worth of showers! You can help curb this water waste by updating your home’s outdoor landscape with native, low maintenance, and water-efficient plants.  

The Santa Ana Water Project Authority (SAWPA) and its member agencies know the high value of cutting back on your outdoor water usage. It benefits everyone by conserving water for future generations and lowering your monthly water bill.  

SAWPA’s member agencies understand that planning and executing a landscape project can be intimidating, costly and challenging. That’s why your SoCal water agencies have plenty of resources, rebates and insider tips to offer as you plan any landscape project.  

So before you roll up your sleeves and get out the gardening gloves – check out this helpful list of landscaping resources provided by SAWPA’s member agencies. Tap into all that is available to support your landscape journey every step of the way.  

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD)  

Eastern Municipal Water District invites their customers to take advantage of the exciting Landscapes for Living program. Landscapes for Living is an outdoor water use efficiency program that offers rebates and FREE installation of water-saving equipment to help residential customers reduce outdoor water use, save money and gain beautiful yards. It is a one-stop shop for EMWD customers to begin a water-efficient landscape project of any size.  

Visit the Landscapes for Living website to review the wide selection of free services and rebates offered. 

Inland Empire Utilities Agency  (IEUA)

The next time you are on Inland Empire Utilities Agency’s website to pay your water bill, visit the ‘Save Your Water’ section. There, you will find information on water-wise gardening including irrigation techniques, plant guides and recommendations for the hot Inland Empire region, advice from experts, and listings of local gardens to visit for your own landscaping ideas. 

Looking to talk to someone directly regarding your water use efficiency questions? Call IEUA’s Water Use Efficiency Hotline at (909) 993-1952. You’ll also find helpful landscaping resources on the ‘rebates’ page. 

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District  (SBVMWD)

Did you know that San Bernardino Municipal Valley Water District (SBVMWD) has free landscape plans on their website that look beautiful and save water? Visit the District’s ‘landscape ideas’ page for green thumb ideas that are water-wise. 

SBVMWD also connects customers to the Water Saving Garden Friendly Inland Empire website where customers can explore beautiful, sustainable and drought-tolerant plants that thrive in the Inland Empire. Visit the site to easily add your favorite plants to a private list that you can print and bring to your favorite nursery. 

Western Municipal Water District  (WMWD)

Western Municipal Water District’s (WMWD) Landscape Style Guide is truly a source of inspiration to cultivate joy in your outdoor spaces. Don’t know where to start? Begin by taking Western’s style quiz to see which option best suits you! Then begin exploring the eight different landscape styles equipped with a “plant-by-numbers guide” to easily undertake your landscape project.  

Want to scrap your landscape or lawn and go turf? No problem! WMWD has you covered with added turf replacement rebates. Currently, customers can apply for Western’s rebate which includes $3 per square foot for the first 1,000 square feet and pair it with Metropolitan Water District’s rebate of $2 per square foot. In total, Western customers can receive $5 in rebates per square foot.  

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