Be Thankful for Thy Tap

In the spirit of being thankful, let’s take a moment to recognize the silent hero of your Thanksgiving dinner. Water. That’s right, football and turkey may have been the stars of the show in previous years, but now it’s time to recognize the real glue that holds this day together.   Water plays a critical role … More Be Thankful for Thy Tap

Witch way to thirst quenching tap water?      

There is nothing spooky or mysterious about our tap water, so consider it your default source for all of your water needs.  No tricks here, just the treats of safe, dependable, life-sustaining water. During this Halloween season, the only thing SAWPA and its partner agencies are brewing is an avenue to continue delivering reliable tap … More Witch way to thirst quenching tap water?      

Put your trust in tap: Why you can trust Your SoCal Tap Water    

It can be easy to overlook the simplicity and ease of accessing clean and reliable tap water. I mean, just take a moment to think about all of the things you’ve done so far today. A warm cup of tea to start your morning, running a load of laundry during a break in your day … More Put your trust in tap: Why you can trust Your SoCal Tap Water    

Spring into new water habits with kids

With spring now in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to include kids in the quest to be water-wise as we water our gardens, wash our pets and play in the sprinklers. Changing a few simple habits can have a significant impact on water consumption. Teaching children to embrace water-wise behavior at a young age … More Spring into new water habits with kids

Trust in Tap

Did you know that the water that flows straight to your tap is safe, environmentally-friendly and cheaper than bottled water? The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) and its water-wise regional partners deliver high-quality and safe water to you 24/7 for all your daily uses. From gulping down an ice-cold cup of tap water after … More Trust in Tap

We Love Water-Wise Landscapes 

Southern California is home to some of the world’s most beautiful plant varieties. Just take a walk down your neighborhood street to explore an eye-candy feast of enchanting flowers, succulents, shrubs and fruit trees. The diverse SoCal ecosystem supplies no shortage of lush landscape options to imagine in your own backyard.  According to the Environmental … More We Love Water-Wise Landscapes 

Empower Your H2O 22

This new year, refresh your water-saving knowledge and create your most water-efficient home yet.   As Californians, we know that every raindrop, snowflake and turn of the faucet counts. This month, we’re focusing on empowering you to save water by learning simple at-home hacks and low-priced products to help save this precious resource.   Discover how to master your water meter and tap into water-saving accessories to trim usage and prevent waste. Dive into 2022 with empowered resolutions focused on conservation!   Water meter mastery  If you have running water, you have … More Empower Your H2O 22

Investing in a route out of drought Q&A

This month, we sat down with the Orange County Water District’s (OCWD) Board Director Bruce Whitaker for a Q&A about regional efforts to mitigate drought, the use of reclaimed water and what the future holds for Southern California’s water infrastructure. Whitaker is also SAWPA’s Vice Chair/Commissioner, serves on the One Watershed One Water (OWOW) Steering Committee and is the Mayor of Fullerton, California. … More Investing in a route out of drought Q&A

Building a Daily Foundation of Conservation 

Water efficiency is no longer a wish-list item or an afterthought – it is a reality that Californians must face together. On Oct. 19, Governor Gavin Newsom declared a drought emergency for the entire state of California, as water saving efforts continue to fall short of the state’s voluntary targets.   We all must find ways to step up water use efficiency efforts in our daily lives by … More Building a Daily Foundation of Conservation