Dive into Drought-proof Life Hacks This Summer

🎶 Summertime and the livin’ is easy! Fish are jumping and the water bill is high! 🎶  

Who doesn’t love summertime in Southern California? If we had to take a guess, we would say your water meter. SoCal summers bring us sunbathing at the beach, surfing swells, lazily lounging poolside and soaking in loads of sunshine. Nevertheless, the season is also accompanied by drought and significant water shortages. 

As we enter into an exciting summer of reemerging into the world after a year of social distancing, water conservation should be a priority. When we all make simple and small changes at home, we can make a major difference collectively. Every drop counts!  

Check out these handy water-wise tips for conserving: 


In the bathroom:  

  • When warming up your next shower, place a bucket under your tub or showerhead faucet to collect the water that often gets wasted. That collected water can be used to water house plants or your garden. Consider it your indoor rain barrel!   
  • Limit time and water use when you shower this summer. An easy way to manage your water use in the shower is to use water wisely, and only when needed. If you take extra time to lather shampoo and conditioner in your hair, turn off the shower while you do so.   
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving your face. Instead fill up a cup of water before you begin brushing or shaving and use the cup for rinsing. This small trick will save gallons!   

In the kitchen:   

  • Only run the dishwasher when it is full. Pack your dishwasher to the brim with a full load of cups, silverware and plates before running it. 
  • If you need to wash large pots, pans or cooking sheets, do not continuously run water over them. Instead, allow these items to soak in soapy water for an extended period and then scrub.   
  • Place those pesky dropped ice cubes into small house plants instead of kicking them under the fridge or tossing them in the sink. The cube will melt and soak right into the soil of your house plants to keep them hydrated!  


In the yard, garden and driveway:   

  • Go native and drought-tolerant with your landscape design. By selecting plant species that are native to our dry region, you can save water, money and time on irrigating by sporting a garden full of plants that can survive through periods of drought.   
  • Water your yard and garden in the evenings and mornings to avoid high evaporation times such as midday and the afternoon. The soil will be able to retain more moisture during the cooler temperatures of the mornings and evenings. 
  • Mow high! Turn the notch up on your mower a little higher during the summer to help shade the soil and prevent evaporation.    
  • Sweep â€“ don’t spray â€“ the next time you want to clean off pavement around your home. Spraying your driveway clean not only wastes water but could spread automotive fluids in your driveway into the natural landscape and waterways. Keep it simple and sweep your driveway instead.   
  • Skip the weekly car wash and opt for less frequent washes to save money and water this summer.   
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