Cheers to National Water Quality Month

What better month to tap into specifics about the quality of your drinking water than August, which is National Water Quality Month? SoCal residents and businesses alike can always feel confident about the quality of their water, because their tap water is always fresh, clean and readily available. That’s the objective of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) and our member agencies. Let’s take a deep dive into what it means to have high-quality water and the benefits it adds to our lives. 

Water quality is a priority.   

Water agencies are guided by two acts that always place public health and environmental safety as top priorities. Water Quality Month dates to the 1970s when two very important congressional acts were passed to protect our water resources. First, in 1972, the Clean Water Act focused on pollution control and made dumping high amounts of toxic materials into bodies of water illegal. In 1974, the Safe Drinking Water Act was passed to further protect the water designated for drinking use both under and above ground.   

Water quality is a guarantee.   

SAWPA’s member agencies adhere to both federal and state strict standards for water to ensure that your tap water is always clean and safe. They are also continuously investing in improved water infrastructure and supporting public policies that protect water sources.   

Water quality is transparent.   

It is no secret here how water is sourced, treated, tested, and delivered. Your water agency tests the water delivered to your home or business hundreds of times annually to ensure that what you receive from your tap is always top quality. The Safe Drinking Water Act requires all public water systems to notify customers annually regarding the quality of the water they receive. For questions about your water agency’s water quality report, visit their website or contact them to receive a copy.  

Water quality is a blessing.   

Water is the source of all life. It fuels our families, animals, agriculture, the economy, and more. Without clean, high-quality water, our daily lives would look very different. We are fortunate to live in a country and state that values water quality and takes it very seriously. So, pour a refreshing glass of tap water and cheers to your high-quality SoCal H2O. 

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