Tap Water Scare Tactics  

This Halloween season we are tapping into the truth about tap versus bottled water. Water scare tactics are being used to sway the public into buying bottled water, but they simply aren’t true.  

Don’t let these tap water scare tactics spook you from making use of the high-quality, safe and clean H2O available straight from your faucet. Let’s debunk the myths about tap water safety – tap water is actually held to much higher standards than bottled water. 

Tap scare tactic #1: Bottled water is specially sourced.  

Though your bottled water may advertise that it was sourced from a famous mountainside or beautiful river, that bottled is oftentimes – you guessed it – just tap water. That’s right, water bottle brands are selling you what you already have at home for a 100% price markup. Don’t let bottled water marketing fool you into buying what you already have, straight from your faucet.  

Tap scare tactic #2: Bottled water is better for my health.  

The marketing behind bottled water is strategic and creative. From colorful branding to promises of health benefits, the bottled water industry knows how to attract consumers. But here’s the truth: drinking bottled water can actually expose you to toxins from microplastics that may have infiltrated the water during manufacturing. This is a process that tap water does not use and thus avoids any contamination from BPA’s and other plastic toxins.   

Tap scare tactic #3: Bottled water is more regulated than tap water.  

Local water agencies and authorities are guided by, and comply with, the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. These two Environmental Protection Agency guidelines position public health and environmental safety as top priorities. The Safe Drinking Water Act requires all public water systems to notify customers annually regarding the quality of the water they receive. Does your bottled water company do that? Most likely, the answer is no.  

Tap scare tactic #4: Bottled water is better for the environment.  

It is simple to know which option is better for the environment when it comes to tap or bottle. Millions of single-use plastic bottles become pollution each year as a result of bottled water not being properly disposed of. When you rely on tap water instead of bottled water to quench your thirst, you have the opportunity to fill up a reusable water bottle and can save hundreds of plastic bottles from becoming pollution.  

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