Building a Daily Foundation of Conservation 

Water efficiency is no longer a wish-list item or an afterthought – it is a reality that Californians must face together. On Oct. 19, Governor Gavin Newsom declared a drought emergency for the entire state of California, as water saving efforts continue to fall short of the state’s voluntary targets.  

We all must find ways to step up water use efficiency efforts in our daily lives by being more mindful about indoor and outdoor use. This month we are breaking down how to practice mindfulness when it comes to your water use efficiency. By adjusting your daily water use habits, together, we can make positive impacts on protecting our local and state water supplies. 

See where you can save  

Take a deep dive into examining your where water is most overused in and around your household or business. Is it your landscape, kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room? Do you have any leaking faucets or pipes on your property? Identify the primary source of water usage to guide how you will step up efficiency in the areas that need immediate attention.   

Set intentions for your new habits  

When building a new habit, it is important to set goals for what you intend to accomplish through your actions. Check out the questions below and write down your answers on a note pad or sticky note. When you’re done, display the note near a sink or shower to stay reminded of your water efficiency intentions.  

  1. What is one thing I can do to save water in the morning?  

(Example: Turn off the water while brushing my teeth; place a bucket to catch water in the shower while the water warms up to use for plant irrigation.)  

  1. What is one thing I can do to save water in the evening?  

(Example: Run the washing machine only when it is completely full; soak fruits and veggies in a bowl of water instead of washing them under running water.)  

Listen to Mother Nature 

“One of the best ways to be efficient with your watering is to pay attention to the weather,” said Rob Whipple, water resources specialist for Western Municipal Water District. “If it has rained, shut off your irrigation system for a week or so – that way, you will not overwater your landscaping.”  

Whipple also recommends tuning into the time of year and practicing seasonal water use adjustments by using weather-based irrigation controllers and cutting minutes and days off of irrigation schedules. In Southern California, the rainy seasons typically begins this month and continues into March.  

“As we move into fall and winter, the best practice is to cut your irrigation system way back or shut off your system altogether for the season,” Whipple said.  

Tap into efficient tools  

It is simple to know which option is better for the environment when it comes to tap or bottle. Millions of si

Now is the time to consider investing in water-efficient tools, appliances and upgrades for your home or business. If you want to invest in water-wise appliances for your property, water-efficient washing machines and toilets are the best options to save H2O and lower your monthly bill. However, you do not have to spend large amounts of money on upgrades to start saving today.  

“Install a smart timer on your irrigation system and replace your sprinkler heads with water-efficient nozzles,” Whipple said. “These are small but mighty ways you can keep your monthly bill low, save water and still make sure your landscapes look great!” 

Western Municipal Water District offers enhanced residential and commercial rebates for their customers through their Rebate H2O program. In addition, Western provides a variety of free and low-cost programs to help customers save more. Most water districts offer similar programs – contact yours to find rebates you can put to use in your own home. 

Reflect on what water means to you  

Pause, reflect and enjoy a big sip of water. A large part of being mindful is connecting to your personal “why.” Too often, we take for granted the water we have access to from the simple turn of a faucet. Take time to cherish water! Reflect or meditate on what having access to clean, reliable, and safe water 24/7 means to you.  

Want to take this a step further? Start a gratitude list that is just about water. Write down a list of reasons you are grateful for water and reflect on how water improves your daily life.  

By pairing new habits with knowledge, we can protect our most precious resource – water. Keep the conversation going by following us on social media and sharing your water-saving strategies! 

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